A brief story about ROI Portal

The ROI Portal is an online learning community hosted through a private discord server that specializes in providing educational lessons, insights, and strategies for forex trading. These skills can also be applied to other markets such as crypto, options, and stock trading.

The community is made up of students and administrators of all ages who have a few months to almost a decade of experience trading. Our private discord server is focused on being a user friendly platform to find learning resources, channels with frequently asked questions and advice for trading, technical analysis and breakdown of strategies used when trading, and voice calls where senior members walk through the steps they take when doing analysis.


Our team of experts


CEO/Lead Analyst

At the age of 22, Anish Pradhan is an American entrepreneur, investor, and recent graduate of Syracuse University. He has been featured in BuzzFeed, Inc., New York Journal, NY Weekly, and influencive. In 2018, Pradhan was published on a list of the “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2018” by New York Journal. He encompasses extensive e-commerce experience through startup ventures and drop-shipping. As an investor, Pradhan has built himself to be a multimillionare through vast success in the cryptocurrency and forex/fx markets. Notably, he coined the name ‘Crypto Anish’ after making his first million through trading cryptocurrency in the massive bull-run that occurred in 2017. Pradhan has built his personal brand up throughout all of his success as well, with nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram as of today. As a result of his vast success trading the markets, Pradhan founded theROIPortal in Summer 2019, with the goal of educating others and developing their trading knowledge. Throughout the past year, Pradhan & his team has been investing endless hours into improving and expanding the unique service that theROIPortal has to offer.



Program Director
Zach Sussman is a Junior at Syracuse University triple majoring in Finance and Supply Chain majors through Whitman School of Management and a Policy Studies major through Maxwell School of Citizenship. He has done mixed martial arts for 15 years, is 3rd degree black belt, and has professionally taught for 4 years. He has been trading forex and crypto’s for a year, however his background through education at Syracuse University has provided him with wide versed knowledge on financial investments, micro and macro economics, and political policy and implementation. Through his 4 years of experience as a professional martial arts instructor he has developed the skills to cater to individual students and adapt his teaching methods to better suit their learning style.


Director Of Marketing
Julian Smith is 24 years old, a Graduate of Penn State University with a major in Business Management, and has been keen on developing entrepreneurship skills from a young age. He previously worked with his father’s company, JUMA International, and now has developed skills trading derivatives (using a proprietary software to help in the selection of the options contracts he purchases) as well as facilitating marketing and expansion efforts for the ROI Portal. Through using his experience at large companies Such as Oracle and SAP, Julian is able to target specific markets and locate individuals who are interested in expanding their investment strategies into the crypto space, by using a select set of prospecting and selling skills that he developed in his training program at Oracle.


Senior Developer & IT Specialist
Steve has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in various IT fields such as web and software development, system administration, graphic design, cybersecurity and more. He can be seen as a seasoned internet veteran. He studied Administration and IT at the University of Trois-Rivières, in Québec, Canada. He is also an entrepreneur;  running his own IT agency since 2013 and involved in the management of the 70 employees family transport company for more than a decade.  Steve has also ran various internet ventures; from small to medium sized websites and forums, to large gaming communities and servers which supported more than 2000 online players simultaneously. Furthermore, Steve is a plane and helicopter pilot, gym enthusiast and a PC gamer. Since 2017, he has shifted his focus onto blockchain development, cryptocurrencies and more recently in forex trading.